Ate (2008)

Ate (2008)

Director:Lore Reyes
Release dates: 2008
Writers: Peque Gallaga ,Gina Marissa Tagasa
Music by:
GENRES:Drama, Reted R
Stars: Ara Mina, Cristine Reyes, Paolo Paraiso


I only watched this because Cristine Reyes was in it and she's so freakin' hot. Her older sister, Ara Mina, on the other hand, is...well...just another former "bold star" trying hard to be a serious actress.

Honestly, there were some really boring parts so I just fast forwarded the movie. The plot's basically about two sisters, one whos' "practical" and the other one's rebellious. The older sister, Helen (Ara Mina), is trying to have a baby with her husband and her younger sister, Cleo (Cristine Reyes) lives with them. The couple's relationship is tested when Helen's husband, Dave (Paolo Paraiso) looks Cleo's way. I would give a better review but I didn't bother watching the whole movie. There was one thing I had a problem with and it was the music. Almost throughout the entire movie, there was some piano playing. It was annoying and unnecessary.


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