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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Watch Donor (2010) Update Full Movie

Desperate for money, Lizzie pursues the dark and thankless world of organ donation, hoping for a better life.

Donor (2010)


Ramon Perez, Tabatabaee Kami, Bearwin Meily, Arnold Reyes, Gerhard Acao, Karla Pambid, Lilit Reyes, Kristina Syfu, Baron Geisler, Jao Mapa, Meryll Soriano, Joy Viado


Lizette sells pirate DVDs on the streets of Manilla and is involved in a loveless relationship. She decides to travel abroad and to finance her trip Lizette decides to sell her kidnap to a foreigner, but due to recent law changes, Lizette must first marry the foreign man ....

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